Waterproof Assebly

Conventional mounting rails

Up to 25% loss of power due to mounting rails that permanently shade the cells. This increases the risk of rapid wear of the bypass diodes (see picture in the right).

Conventional "waterproof fixings" are usually not suitable for mounting PV modules. These cover and hide the solar cells (see pictures above right), so that they lose a lot of efficiency. 

upper aluminum rail with integrated rubber lips (P)

lower EPDM rubber profile


Butyl tape

Our mounting solution consist of UV-resistant EPDM material (A) and the matching aluminum cover profile (P). The transverse sides are sealed with a UV-resistant EPDM (C) to allow unimpeded drainage of rainwater (cleaning water). Butyl tape (D) is glued and pressed through this distance rubber profile. To achieve almost 100% waterproofness, the transitions between EPDM rubber and polycarbonate can be additionally sealed with silicone. 


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